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Carven fragrances pay tribute to their founder, her talent as a dressmaker and perfumer, by creating a collection of exclusive fragrances: COLLECTION CARVEN, inspired by her extensive travels and the couture and fragrance archives of the fashion house.

7 destinations, 7 perfumes, 7 travel memories, 7 memorable impressions, 7 olfactive boardings: PARIS-SEVILLE, PARIS-FLORENCE, PARIS-IZMIR, PARIS-BANGALORE, PARIS-SAO PAULO, PARIS-MASCATE, PARIS-MANILLE.

Explore the mysteries of Asian Patchouli which transports you into a world of legends and seduction.
A fragrance that is both dark and radiant: vivifying green and acidulous top notes, while Patchouli signs the fragrance with its captivating notes.
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PARIS-MANILLEEau de Parfum spray 100 ml160.00 €  Add to my bag