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Carven fragrances pay tribute to their founder, her talent as a dressmaker and perfumer, by creating a collection of exclusive fragrances: COLLECTION CARVEN, inspired by her extensive travels and the couture and fragrance archives of the fashion house.

7 destinations, 7 perfumes, 7 travel memories, 7 memorable impressions, 7 olfactive boardings: PARIS-SEVILLE, PARIS-FLORENCE, PARIS-IZMIR, PARIS-BANGALORE, PARIS-SAO PAULO, PARIS-MASCATE, PARIS-MANILLE.

Take an olfactory trip through Mediterranean gardens where the softness of Heliotrope and the joy of Magnolia take us back to childhood memories.
The Mediterranean sweetness and the Heliotrope joyfulness blend perfectly with the green freshness of the Magnolia flower.
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PARIS-FLORENCEEau de Parfum spray 100 ml160.00 €  Add to my bag