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Carven L'Eau Intense

CARVEN PARFUMS is now introducing a new perfume into its men's fragrance range with a scent as intriguing as its name: L’Eau Intense.

A fragrance based on the duality between freshness and intensity.
Created by Francis Kurkdjian and Jérôme Di Marino, L’EAU INTENSE seduces us through its undeniable freshness and its sophisticated intensity.

L'EAU INTENSE is characterised by fresh notes of mint, Italian lemon and grapefruit, followed by a gradual build-up with hints of birch leaves and lavender, before drawing its real power and intensity from a bouquet of ginger, cardamom, cedarwood and ambery woods.

The contrast between the icy and zesty freshness and the intensity of spices and woods is the definition of this powerful scent.

Item Price Quantity Bag
Carven L'Eau IntenseEau de Toilette spray 100 ml96.90 €  Add to my bag
Carven L'Eau IntenseEau de Toilette spray 50 ml72.50 €  Add to my bag
Carven L'Eau IntenseEau de Toilette spray 30 ml47.90 €  Add to my bag
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